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Founded in 2004, Istec is a German company that delivers innovative sailing technologies.  Part of Swing (one of the world's leading manufacturers of para-gliders), Istec produces the Parasailor and Parasail, as well as associated products such as the Easysnuffer and sophisticated sail bags.


Based in Landsberied in Bavaria, Istec is one of the pioneers in downwind sailing research & development.

Sea Teach Limited is a British yacht chandlery and sail agents, based in Emsworth (Hampshire) in the north-west part of Chichester Harbour.  Formed in 1981 by three friends who were united by their love of sailing, Sea Teach has grown into one of the most established chandleries in the UK, with a reputation for technical knowledge and sailing experience.


Since 2007 Sea Teach has been the exclusive UK distributor for the Parasailor.

We first became involved with Istec and the Parasailor at the METS marine trade show in Amsterdam, 2006.  We were so impressed with the product that we bought one for our own boat (a 33' sloop).  The performance was incredible, and despite having a boat with a heavy displacement, the Parasailor transformed her downwind performance - sailing easily in any breeze abaft of 90 degrees, from 3 - 20 knots.


Sea Teach was subsequently invited by Istec to become their sole UK distributor and we have been enjoying promoting their fantastic range of products ever since.